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[Product Description]


AED (Auto External defibrillation) is auto cardiac paddles (ACP) called by Korean. When suddenly a person's heart has stopped (Cardiac arrest) in their daily life, everyone can easily use and make electric shock according to voice and visual guidance 


[Product Features]

Cardiac arrest incidents are taking place in many public place and non-public area and Home. The AED consumption is increasing in the household in common domestic & overseas market. Unlike HR-503, HR-503A does not have 4 different language function. It is made easier and faster with single language by having adult mode and child mode button separately.

◈ Heart Guardian HR-503 Main Function

-Adult/Child Selection switch

-Compatibility pads(Adult/Child)

-AED status indicator(battery indicator, Operation Status)

-Based on AHA(American Heart Association)'s 2015 guidelines

-Self-test:  Regular self-test, Post(self-test when power is on), BIST(Battery insertion self-test)

-Bluetooth 2.0

-Waterproof rating/dustproof rating: IP55

-Output range: 150J(±10%) 50Ω for Adult / 50J(±10%) 50Ω for Child

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