[Company Introduction]


  RADIANQbio Co., Ltd., a social corporation dedicated to saving lives, was established in October 2005 and has been specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of sensor, medical devices, measuring equipment, tester, etc., over the last decade.


  Particularly, RADIANQbio Co., Ltd., has opened up the market for medical and healthcare business in 2014 based on its know-how and expertise amassed in the field of precision measurement and analysis for many years of work, along with its patented technology and technological capability of professi onal researchers. RADIANQbio Co., Ltd., successfully obtained domestic certification for its automatic defibrillator which culminated about 2 years of R&D in tandem with its localization and is currently proceeding with overseas certification (CE,KFDA and etc.) to make inroads into the global market. 

  We will lay the cornerstone for fusion and convergence industrial field as a leader of creative economy while pushing forward ethical management that takes safety and quality as top priority based on the slogan "Life of human is the best value to uphold'  We will make utmost effort to ensure customer satisfaction by fully leveraging our leading technology that sets apart from others.



Semi-Automated External Defibrillator  

[Product Features]

   Cardiac arrest incidents are taking place in many public place and non-public area and Home.  

   The AED consumption is increasing in the household in common domestic & overseas market.

 1.   Easy to use and accessible by all without special training.

       ✓ As soon as uncovering AED, there will be an audio- guidance for every phase of operation

       ✓ In case where not audio LED indicator guides you for accurate

       ✓ From analysis to charging, services are all-Automated

       ✓ All you need to do is to pads at the right place and press a button to work

 2.   Compatible with both Adults and Kids.

        ✓ AED pads is compatible among any ages and gender, simply by setting up one button

        ✓ Heart Guardian provides the precise amount of shock energy depends on the patient`s boy size and condition into 

           two levels.

 3.   Heart Guardian offers data extraction with the embedded memory

         ✓ AED offers “defibrillation blackbox” by memorizing the operational history.

         ✓ Once recorded, data can be transferred out and analyzed by way of Bluetooth enabled AED.

 4.  Prompt and Accurate Analysis of ECG 8.5second.

         ✓ Heart Guardian offers ECG (Electrodcardiography) analysis in just 8.5 seconds.

         ✓ ECG Analysis function offers detecting irregular cardiac wave with 97.8% confidence and immediately commences             

             electric charging upon detect. Embedded shock timing table based on the patient’s impedance levels enables the most accurate

             charging time and shock timing analysis.

 5.  BiMos High-Voltage Switching Circuit.

           Heart Guardian provides the precise amounts of shock energy depends on the patent’s boy size and condition into 

              two levels. RADIANQBIO’s  “BiMos High-voltage Switching Circuit technology” enables the sudden high voltage(above 

              2,000V) generation within 8 seconds.   




[Product Specification] 




Product Type

Low-output CPR Machine (Folded)

ECG Analysis

8.5 Sec.

Hi-Cap Charging

8 Sec.


50J~150J offered

Data Storage

100 th (ECG storage)

Data Transfer Protocol

Bluetooth 2.0

Control Button

Power, Shock, Adults/kids

Battery Type

Li-Mn (12V DC 4.2A)

Shock Frequency

200, at least

Pad Type

Electrode Pad, disposable and adhesive


230(W) x 320(L) x 85(H)mm




5 Yrs. (2 Yrs. for Pads/4 Yrs. for Batteries)

Paid Repair Service

10 Yrs.


[Other specification] 


By air / Vessel / Express

HS code


Net weight / Gross weight

2.5kg / 3.8kg

Carton size (1pc)

34 X 35 X 18 (cm) / 3.8kg

Carton size (2pcs)

34 X 35 X 40 (cm) / 7.6kg

Carton size (4pcs)

68 X 40 X 40 (cm) / 15.2kg


From 1 EA



Payment term

T/T in advance, LC, Western Union, Paypal


CE / ISO 13485



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